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Capital Broking Provides Total Financial services for our client like

  • SPP: Under this plan protect you from Intraday Losses.
  • Brokerage: Zero Brokerage all delivery based trades and Flat 20/- for intraday F&O trades.
  • Margin Funding : Avail Funding on stocks & Loan against Shares.
  • AP & Sub-brokers: 2000+ AP & SB in over 80 cities across India 20+ years of trustworthy broking services.
  • Limits: Provide you Cash : 30 To 40 , Future : 5, Option : Buy-3 Time & Sell-10 Time, MCX : 5.
  • Refer Scheme: We provide you a lucrative benefits on refer to any Client.

Investment Equity Trading

Zero Brokerage

Equity Trading Every individual has a desire to earn money and for that a rational human takes all the pains that are necessary to achieve his aim.

One widely used avenue for reaping a reasonable return on investments is speculating in the stock market. As the saying goes, risk and reward go hand in hand. Here, one octant point is that one should never be wary of taking a loss in its stride. Ability to cut losses is equally important or even more important than coming out with a profit.

Based on this ability alone, one should venture into the market. And above all these, one must keep himself updated about various terms and issues related to the market in order to understand things in a better way. The Capital Broking helps such individuals in achieving their goals.

  • Dividend Stocks

  • Hot Stocks
  • Long Term
  • Short Term



Financial derivatives came into the spotlight along with the rise in uncertainty of post-1970.

when the US announced an end to the Bretton Woods System of fixed exchange rates leading to introduction of currency derivatives followed by other innovations, including stock index futures but there eruption in India is off lately in June 2000.

There are still apprehensions about derivatives. There are also many myths though the reality is different especially for exchange-traded derivatives which are well regulated with all the safety mechanisms in place

  • Futures Stocks

  • Options Stocks



The Way To Make Small Fortune In The Commodity Market Is To Start With A Large Fortune.

Financial markets has emerged in many colors, shapes & sizes. Think of commodity futures & options as a game: the highest stakes money game in the world. Like any other game, it has also got some rules. But, if you don’t have patience, guts, knowledge & good health, all the rules in the world are just so many words.

Commodities are not only essential to life, they are absolutely necessary for Quality of life. With this perception, “Capital Broking” the youngest venture of Capital Broking Group was formalized in the year 2004. The company rigorously exercises to provide quality services in the field of commodity market & trading.



Currencies are the money of different countries, and currency trading is the buying and selling of these currencies.

Currency futures are futures markets where the underlying commodity is a currency exchange rate, such as the Euro to US Dollar exchange rate, or the British Pound to US Dollar exchange rate. Currency futures are essentially the same as all other futures markets (index and commodity futures markets), and are traded in exactly the same way. Futures based upon currencies are similar to the actual currency markets (often known as Forex), but there are some significant differences. For example, currency futures are traded via exchanges, such as the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange), but the currency markets are traded via currency brokers, and are therefore not as controlled as the currency futures. Some day traders prefer the currency markets, and some day traders prefer the currency futures. I recommend the currency futures as they do not suffer from some of the problems that currency markets suffer from, such as currency brokers trading against their clients, and non centralized pricing.


Depository Services

Great Advance With Stock Market Benefits Of Demat Accounts

Trading in the shares of the Company is now compulsorily under the demat form. With SEBI making demat form mandatory on most of the traded scrip, electronic transfer will be the only way everyone will trade. No stamp duty is required for transfer of securities in the electronic form. In case of transfer of physical shares, stamp duty of 0.5 percent is payable on the market value of shares being transferred.


Mutual Funds

Since their creation, mutual funds have been a popular investment vehicle for investors. Their simplicities along with other attributes provide great benefit to investors with limited knowledge, time, or money.

Mutual funds really captured the public’s attention in the 1980s and ’90s when mutual fund investment hit record highs and investors saw incredible returns. However, the idea of pooling assets for investment purposes has been around for a long time. Here we look at the evolution of this investment vehicle, from its beginnings in the Netherlands in the eighteenth century to its present status as a growing, international industry with fund holdings accounting for trillions of dollars in the United States alone.


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